Buying a Quality New or Used Car

Buying a Quality New or Used Car imageRegardless if you are in the market for a new or used car then you are surely concerned about quality. Having a car that you can trust and rely on is an important thing to consider when in the market for a new vehicle. With so much information being available online these days it is easy to determine if a car is up to your standards or not. There’s no reason not to. One such site to do your research on is By taking the time to do research you will be able to determine if a car you are interested has the features that make it a quality automobile.

For example, if you are looking at a used Ford Focus for sale, then there are some questions that you should ask yourself regarding it each vehicle that you look at. Asking yourself these questions and getting honest answers will allow you to determine if the car is worth your time. There would be nothing worse than making a quick purchase decision on a vehicle and then finding out that it is not up to your standards. You could be stuck with a pile of hefty repair bills or even driving a car that does not fit your lifestyle.

The first thing you should do is check out authority websites including the one mentioned above regarding the vehicle you are interested in. There is a website for just about every make and model out there that will be able to give you information regarding the quality of the vehicle. Oftentimes these websites are owned by third party individuals that have no prior relationship with the manufacturer. You will be able to get unbiased opinions on the finer details of the vehicle in question. The experts on these sites will be able to give you comparisons regarding the type of car you are interested in as well as other similar cars in its class. Read each comparison carefully so that you know exactly how your desired car stands up against other similar automobiles. If the car that you want seems to be lesser quality than another make then you may want to consider looking at a different vehicle all together. For example, if you find that the Toyota Camry is rated better in some areas than the Honda Accord, but has more car recalls out on it, you may want to change your focus over to the Accord or some other similar sedan such as the new Hyundai Sonata.

Find out where the people who own the car you are after hang out and ask them questions. In general, most of these people usually hang out on different message boards and forums online. If you can find a major website that provides info on all different types of cars then there is a good chance the site will have a forum. Start chatting with people on the forums to see if they know about the car you are looking to purchase. Ideally, you will be able to locate a forum that has an area for the make and model that you want. For example, if you would like to buy a Chevrolet Corvette then you can ask a few questions in the area that specializes in these cars, such as You will almost always get responses back from people who own, or have owned, this type of vehicle. By going about it this way you will be able to get advice from people that have first-hand experience. Asking about the quality and quirks of the car will get you answers that you will not be able to get from the dealership or used car lot.

Another sure-fire way to have peace of mind regarding a car’s quality is to see if the car has a good warranty on it. Any car that is well-made will have a decent warranty because the manufacturer will not mind standing behind its product. If you find a car, new or used, that has a warranty that sounds good then the car is probably going to be well made. A good example is BMW’s CPO (certified pre-owned) program. A dealership would not subject itself to a potential loss by providing a warranty on a car that they just do not trust and constantly have to repair. If, on the other hand, you cannot find a good warranty on the car of your choice then there may be some cause for alarm. This should throw a red flag up regarding the car because the seller does not trust it enough to stand behind it.

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  1. M Valdez

    Hmm how very interesting. Do you think the rising cost in fuel should ultimately impact my decision on which car to buy? I mean, In response to fuel only getting higher?

    February 28, 2012, 8:33 pm  Reply  
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