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Acura Car Insurance

Since the 1980’s, Acura cars have generally been associated with quality, performance, luxury and value. A division of Honda Motor Company, Acura wears its badge on many different styles of autos—from the exotic (think Acura NSX), to the more everyday (Integra or MDX). Have an older Acura Legend? Chances are your insurance premiums won’t be significantly higher than for say a same-year Honda Accord. However, a brand-new Acura TL will cost you more than an equally new Honda Accord due to the fact that it’s more expensive than an Accord. Aside from these, the typical insurance rules apply the same way they do to any automaker, and a high-horsepower model like the Acura NSX will usually cost you more to insure than any other Acura model.

Start your Acura car insurance quote today by selecting one of the Acura models below.

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Acura CL
Acura EL
Acura ILX
Acura ILX Hybrid
Acura Integra
Acura Legend
Acura MDX
Acura MDX Hybrid
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Acura RDX
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Acura RLX
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Acura SLX
Acura TL
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Acura TSX
Acura Vigor
Acura ZDX

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