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Ram Car Insurance

As of 2009, Ram trucks are now a division of Chrysler, and no longer a brand of trucks sold under the Dodge brand. Ram trucks, according to Chrysler, will cater to "real truck customers," rather than casual truck buyers who buy trucks for image or style. However, all Ram trucks will contain Dodge badges and emblems inside and out, and Ram Division President Fred Diaz stated, "Ram trucks will always and forever be Dodges…” Models currently available range from the base 1500 Ram to heavy duty models such as the 5500 and Chassis Cab models. Auto Insurance for Ram trucks is par for the course, though some factors that could raise rates include: a 4x4 model Ram (all 4x4 trucks cost more to insure); a very expensive heavy duty model (the more expensive the truck, the more your insurance premiums); your age (the older the better) and your driving record (the less tickets and incidents, the better).

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