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Theft devices come as a standard in most new cars. Any sort of theft device will usually qualify you for a discount. Window sketching may also qualify you for a further discount on your insurance rates.

With a non-changing rate for an entire year, you will not be hit with any premium adjustments within that year until the next pay period. Biannual payments will reflect rate adjustments quicker.

Homeowner's insurance, life insurance, general insurance and other types of insurance can usually be combined with auto insurance to give you a 10-20 percent discount on each policy line.

Insuring two cars with the same company will sometimes mean a discount on both cars. Even if you sell the second car, keeping the car on the insurance policy might still mean a cheaper policy. Even if you do save when dropping a second car from your policy, your savings will probably be a lot smaller than you thought; and it is not unusual for your rates to go up.

Reducing mileage lowers risk for traffic accidents. Of course this will translate into an insurance discount.

This isn't really recommended, but by reducing liability, comprehensive, collision, or medical coverage, your premiums will go down. Raising your deductible from, say, $500 to $1,000 will also have an impact on your insurance. Only do this if you are having difficulty making ends meet, and if you do, be sure not to get into a serious accident.

Taking a defensive driving course can snare you a decent discount. This can mean quite a few hours of boredom, but saving money in the long run will make it worthwhile. In some states, taking a class after receiving a ticket will wipe the ticket from your record.

Rock solid credit will go a long way to ensure lower car insurance premiums. Insurance companies do check your credit rating, and bad credit equals bad risk.

Comprehensive and collision coverage may cover rental as well. You don't need double. Only get this if your current car isn't worth much.

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