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If you live in the United States, odds are your auto insurance coverage will not extend to anything overseas. Breakdown and liability coverage are important if you know you will be driving during your travels.

Breakdown coverage includes roadside assistance, towing, and some types of mechanical failures. Make sure your liability coverage covers responsibility for all injuries and property damage you may be at-fault for; proper liability coverage should also cover a rental car.

Even if the risk is low, is it really worth taking if you are on the vacation of a lifetime?

While personal auto insurance policies are unlikely to provide coverage, some umbrella policies do offer protection for you and any rental car worldwide. However as policies can vary, be sure to check with your insurance provider before you make any travel plans.

Some insurance companies offer international auto insurance. If you plan on doing a lot of traveling in a single year, it might be wise to choose a yearly international policy. It decreases the hassle involved in choosing and buying insurance, and guarantees that the rates will not change within that year.

If you have a detailed itinerary, try to guesstimate your mileage as close as you are able. Insurance agents will check the approximate distance you will be traveling; and the lower the mileage, the less costly the insurance.

Purchasing insurance over the counter at a rental agency may not be a bad idea if you have to rent a car on the fly. At the very least, paying for a loss damage waiver will offset some of your liability. The loss damage waiver is not insurance coverage, precisely, but it precludes your responsibility for damages or theft by shunting it back to the rental agency. This does not include liabilities to other parties if you are at-fault.

Whatever insurance you decide to purchase, make sure you are covered in all the places you will be traveling. Some overseas policies will only cover certain countries, and some insurance bought from rental agencies only applies if you stay within that country.

If you do buy overseas or international auto insurance, make sure you buy from a reputable insurance company. This will save you hassle and headache in the event you do need to rely on them.

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