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A young driver will almost always be labeled as a high risk driver. Teenage drivers in particular will definitely fall under the high risk label, and let's face it, their track record doesn't do them any favors.

A driver with a lot of speeding tickets to his name will also be labeled as high risk. Speeding tickets reflect a disregard for what has been deemed safe speeds, and a driver who routinely flouts these rules put themselves, and their cars, at greater risk.

If you happen to be a man, you are also a higher risk driver. Call it sexist if you will, but traffic statistics show more men in accidents than women; probably because men have a tendency to be more aggressive.

A beast of a car also won't do you any favors. Cars that are classified as sports cars or high performance are placed in the higher risk category for a couple of reasons: A faster car means you will probably be going at higher speeds, which means less reflex time in case something goes wrong, which then translates into a higher likelihood of accidents; the other reason would be that sports cars are generally more costly to repair than a simple sedan.

Shoddy credit scores also propel you into the high auto risk category. Bad credit equals bad risk in the insurance companies' books.

If you drive long distances, you are also higher risk simply due to exposure to potential risk elements. Compared to a person who only drives three hundred miles a month, you are much more likely to get into an accident if you put a thousand miles a month onto your car.

Location is another prime factor. Urban cars are more likely to require repair compared to cars primarily driven in rural areas.

If you go for a period without insurance, this can also affect your risk factor unless you can prove you have a valid reason for not possessing insurance (such as being out of the country). Insurance companies assume that you might have been driving without insurance, or your previous insurance company dropped you because you were too great of a liability.

There are auto insurance companies that specialize in insuring drivers who have been labeled as high risk. Many of the larger insurers also have branches with similar names that service high risk drivers. You won't get good rates, but you will probably have to suck it up.

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