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As stated by law, all drivers are required to carry financial responsibility; however, a young driver with a learner's permit can get away with being covered under their parents' policy. They can also choose to be covered individually, but regardless of what is chosen, they must have coverage of some form or other. While covered under another driver's policy, most insurance companies will not charge extra for a learner's permit. They will only charge normal until when the driver becomes licensed.

State law also comes into play. Most states will not require that a beginning driver with a learner's permit have their own insurance. In those cases, the car being used must be insured; it can be insured under another person's policy, but it must be insured. The policyholder might be required by law to formally notify the insurance company. Notifying the insurance company should be done regardless of state laws or policy stipulations. Normally in these circumstances, the driver-in-training will not be officially listed under the parents' insurance policy, but they will still be covered.

That is not to say learner's permit insurance does not exist. Insurance specifically for those with learner's permits are sold. Ask your auto insurance provider or search online to find quotes.

Should a person with a learner's permit buy a new car, then insurance will have to be purchased for the car, even if he or she is a new driver. Depending on the state, a driver may not be able to buy insurance unless he or she possesses a valid license. In that case someone who is of age will have to purchase insurance for the car.

While learning to drive at a driving school, the car being driven will already be insured through the driving school.

Insurance companies go out of their way to sift through the responsible from the irresponsible. They want to offer safe, low risk drivers better deals. Higher rates will always apply to new drivers, but many insurance providers offer good student discounts. Taking approved driver's education courses and maintaining high grades can lower premiums as well.

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