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The more you drive the more you put yourself and your car at risk. Drivers who travel less miles will be paying lower auto insurance as a result. The average number of miles driven per driver in a given year is about around 12,000. So if you have an insurance policy that reflects fewer miles traveled, then the insurance company will lower your premiums accordingly.

Every person will inevitably be a high risk driver at some point in their lives. However, if you wish to lower your insurance premiums, you should exclude high risk drivers from your policy. A car insurance policy stipulates a list of people who are covered, determined by you. Carrying a high risk driver on your policy will not do you any favors, since they are deemed as having access to your vehicle. Excluding such drivers from your policy will lower the rates, but with the downside that they will not be covered should they operate your vehicle.

Most companies will offer deals or discounts to people who have multiple policies with them. It takes time for insurance companies to make any money from a particular customer, so they want to keep as many lines of business as possible. Life insurance, homeowner's insurance, general liability and other types of insurance are among a few you might be able to add to your existing policy. Multi-policy/line discounts can lower your insurance rates by 10-20 percent per policy.

This means a clean credit history and a clean driving record. Paying your bills on time, not speeding, and avoiding accidents will net you substantial savings with an insurance company.

Sticking with the same insurance company over a long period of time will get you loyalty discounts. Typically, it requires three or more years of coverage before loyalty discounts come into effect. Depending on how long you have been with the same insurance company, you might get a 1-10 percent discount on your policy. Obviously, the longer you have stayed, the larger the discount.

Mainstream cars will usually cost less to insure because they cost less to repair. Luxury or high performance cars come with higher insurance premiums because they are either more likely to require repair, or repairing them hits insurance companies where it hurts. Insurance rates also vary from provider to provider. Nonetheless, not all insurance companies are equal. It can be more important to find a legitimate company that provides good service and will actually honor their contracts rather than the cheapest insurance policy you can find, where the provider will try to wriggle through the fine print.

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