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Motorcycle liability insurance covers damages and injuries that you may inflict on others in an accident. It does not cover you or your motorcycle. Guest passenger liability coverage provides protection in case you are carrying a passenger, and that person is injured. State laws and insurance policies dictating guest passenger liability may vary.

Collision coverage for a motorcycle is essentially the same as regular auto insurance. Your insurance company pays for the damage to your motorcycle in the event of a collision accident. Normally, motorcycle insurance only covers the book value of the bike before the loss occurred.

Comprehensive coverage for a motorcycle covers other possibilities that can occur to a transportation vehicle, such as fire, theft or vandalism. Again, the insurance company will only pay the actual cash value of the motorcycle before the loss occurred.

Comprehensive and collision coverage will usually only cover the factory standard parts of a motorcycle. If you have added extraneous modifications, such as a custom paint job, chrome parts, or sidecars, your insurance will not cover those. You will have to look for additional insurance to cover optional equipment.

The same uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage rules for cars apply to motorcycles. If another at-fault driver damages you or your bike, this insurance will kick in and pay for bodily injuries, lost wages and other damages. Property damage might need to be included separately; check with your insurance provider to be sure.

Similar to cars, insurance companies have a set of criteria when determining your premiums for motorcycle insurance. There are many similar discounts to lower motorcycle insurance rates as well.

Perhaps the most notable cost savings for motorcycle coverage is the lay up policy. The lay up policy suspends all coverage except for comprehensive during the winter months in northern states. You're not going anywhere anyways on a motorcycle in the dead of winter, so it makes sense.

Training course discounts, a clean driving record, multi-bike discounts, and whether or not you are driving a sports bike will all have an impact on your premiums. Membership with a motorcycle association will help as well.

Young motorcycle drivers can also expect to be hit with higher rates.

Likely you can contact your same car insurance company for a motorcycle policy. The top auto insurance companies all offer motorcycle insurance, either as an endorsement to an existing automobile policy, or as a separate policy. Shop around before deciding on the right insurance provider. Car insurance companies do not necessarily offer better deals for motorcycles.

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