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Faster cars and convertibles generally have higher insurance premiums becausewell, people drive them faster. If you have the power, why not use it? At least, that is the way insurance companies see things, and they probably have a point. Particularly cheaper fast cars will have higher premiums because those are more within the grasp of younger drivers who are more likely to speed.

Useful car parts or just the popularity of the vehicle in question can make certain cars more susceptible to being stolen. Average sports sedans are attractive to thieves, and this fact is reflected in the insurance premiums. Soft tops (convertibles) are a higher liability for insurance companies because they are that much easier to break into.

Some cars cost more to repair than others. This may be due to the technology inside a car (hybrids), or the availability of spare parts and their subsequent costs.

The older the car, the more likely it will break down and require repairs. It can also be harder and more expensive to find the necessary parts for an older car.

The average 4WD, commands a higher insurance premium. They are more complex and have more expensive components, and hence cost more to replace if they break down or are stolen. A slight consolation is the fact that 4WDs, as larger vehicles, are less likely to be stolen because they are more difficult to conceal and serve as poor get-away vehicles.

Diesels cost more to repair because of more expensive components.

If you have one of these, you likely want to put its muscle to use. This leads to engine wear and tear which will eventually take a bite out of the insurer's pocket.

For the most part, this has been a myth, until relatively recently. A typical red car will not cost more to insure than a typical black car. However, in recent years, new metallic or pearly colors can cost more to insure. The paint ingredients for those colors are more difficult to mix and more expensive. This can lead to a higher premium.

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