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As the term implies, short term auto insurance covers a set, and usually short, period of time. Considering that the coverage period is substantially shorter, the prices are correspondingly lower. You can still get full comprehensive and collision coverage under a short term plan.

Short term policies have become increasingly available as insurance providers cater to a wider customer base with different needs. There are similar insurance policies in place for minibus and van drivers, so coming away with an insurance policy that fits what you need is perfectly possible.

Short term insurance is commonly bought for a weekend trip, or moving house, or other one-off occasions. People who buy short term insurance might live in the city, or rely on public transportation, or simply don't require traveling very far very often.

One advantage of short term policies, asides from being insured, is that you do not have to go through the temporary arrangement of adding yourself to someone else's policy. If they have a no claims discount and you got into an accident while on their policy, they would lose the no claims discount. Being covered separately under short term auto insurance is fairly cheap and ensures the peace of mind of you, and anyone whose car you might be borrowing.

The disadvantage of short term auto insurance is that its cost effectiveness only applies when you drive very little. You will likely lose money in the long term if you find yourself buying short term auto insurance frequently.

Short term auto insurance is nothing new. Like many things, it has been around for a while, but only gained popularity when regular insurance started getting pricey.

Many insurance companies now offer various short term auto insurance policies. You can be insured for as little as one day, and can renew or extend the coverage period whenever you want.

There are many resources online where you can find a free quote, or you can call an insurance provider to see what they offer. It is more important to ensure you are fully covered rather than finding a slightly cheaper deal, so dealing with specialist short term car insurance companies or a reputable insurance company is recommended.

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